In recent years there has been a trend towards consumers demanding food that is traceable to source and produced less intensively.  This demand has resulted in higher quality foods with superior flavours which leads to a more enjoyable eating experience.  We at the German Butcher Shop work with our imagination and  hands to satisfy this demand.


Since establishment in the 80’s by Armin Weise the German Butcher Shop has become one of Ireland’s best known food businesses. Over the years we have drawn from our experiences, and a long tradition of fine food manufacture in Germany,  to gain a prominent profile for the supply (from natural products) of an extensive range of fine foods such as charcuterie, gluten free products, kassler, and game from Killarney’s National Park.


Our mission is to constantly and consistently please the experienced tastes of our customers by offering only the highest quality foods.


The German Butcher Shop is recommended by John & Sally McKenna, Irish Times and the  Michelin food guide.

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